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Florida Child Sexual Abuse Attorney | Howard Talenfeld Children's Rights Lawyer

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Fighting for abused, disabled and injured children, the developmentally disabled, and other at-risk children injured in the care of the state and by other providers is the singular mission at Talenfeld Law.
As Florida’s premier law firm exclusively dedicated to fighting for and protecting the rights of abused, disabled and injured children in personal injury and damages cases, our lawyers have earned their reputations nationally by earning precedent-setting verdicts and rulings, delivering multimillion dollar settlements and providing pro bono legal counsel that helps our clients on their paths to recovery.
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Child Sex Abuse Lawyer
Child Injury Attorney
Howard Talenfeld's Children's Rights Blog

Since the 1980s, Howard has focused his practice exclusively on protecting the rights of vulnerable individuals in civil rights cases, personal injury cases and systemic reform litigation. He has litigated cases that have resulted in multimillion dollar settlements and jury verdicts that changed how governmental and private institutions care for children and the elderly.
Among his wins, Howard prevailed against New York City and the Archdiocese of Brooklyn, which together paid more than $27 million in the case of Judith Leekin. The former foster mother ran what the courts called a “house of horrors” that imprisoned, abused and starved 10 disabled foster children.

Employing creative legal approaches, he helped establish funding for child welfare programs and employ a federal civil rights damage statute to recover a damage awards in excess of Florida’s sovereign immunity limits. In Florida, Talenfeld is responsible for many million dollar victories in federal civil rights and negligence claims against Florida Department of Children and Families’ employees and agencies. These also have resulted in landmark decisional law protecting the rights of children and disabled persons.