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Crown Point criminal defense attorney

2100 North Main Street
Crown Point Indiana 46307
(219) 213-2254
(219) 213-2258
Attorney Shane R. O’Donnell began his legal career as a Lake County Deputy Prosecutor, handling numerous misdemeanor criminal and traffic offenses.
Attorney O’Donnell quickly gained a reputation of being a skilled and formidable attorney. Later in his prosecutorial career, he was assigned serious felony cases where he prosecuted countless adult cases, which included drug possession and dealing, robbery, operating while intoxicated (OWI), serious battery, sex offenses, and child neglect cases.
Attorney O’Donnell later became a criminal defense attorney, where he has successfully handled numerous misdemeanor and felony cases of all types.
The knowledge and experience Attorney O’Donnell gained from his time in both the defense and prosecution chairs in the courtroom, provides him with a unique perspective in developing highly effective and successful defense strategies for his clients.