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Brandon Divorce Lawyer Elaine Jones

716 S. Oakwood Ave.
Brandon Fl 33511
B. Elaine Jones is a family law attorney and divorce lawyer located in Brandon, Florida, serving clients throughout the Tampa Bay area.  Our law office is dedicated toward representing families in the Tampa Bay area with all of their legal needs including:  Divorce, Custody, Child Support, Criminal law, Employment law, Guardianship, Wills, Trust and Probate, and Sports and Entertainment Law.
Attorney Jones has been practicing family law for more than fifteen (15) years in the Tampa Bay area and has a reputation for her integrity and knowledge in the family law area.  When you hire B. Elaine Jones, you get the attorney that you hired, not some associate, but the managing partner of the firm. This divorce and family law attorney will be with you every step of the case to explain the process and answer any questions that you have.  

Attorney Jones is trial tested and ready to represent you in your dissolution of marriage or family law case, whether it means settling the case early or going all the way through a contested trial, Attorney B. Elaine Jones will seek justice for your case.